Our Beneficiary

Harrisburg River Rescue (PNG)

Harrisburg Beer Week selected Harrisburg River Rescue as its exclusive beneficiary because of the tremendous services they provide to the greater Harrisburg area. Like many organizations, HHRES has felt the effects of a slow economy and budget crunching. In order to maintain the vital services HHRES provides throughout the region, Harrisburg River Rescue is in need of financial support.

Please help us support this incredible organization!

Did You Know?

  • HRRES was Pennsylvania’s first water search and rescue organization. It is widely considered one of the best in and around the state.
  • A self-sufficient nonprofit since 1957, 100% volunteer organization, HRRES is not a funded entity of the City of Harrisburg or state of Pennsylvania.
  • HRRES’s mission is to provide volunteer emergency search and rescue services to persons suffering because of fire, flood, accident or other disaster. These services include:
    • water rescue and patrol
    • dive rescue and recovery
    • special fire police service
    • emergency first response services
    • water-pumping and related fire and rescue
  • They also provide emergency search and rescue equipment and facilities to governmental agencies and other organizations assisting persons in distress, and provides emergency search and rescue services to persons in distress on area waters.
  • Their dive team responds to assists with rescue operations, underwater criminal investigations, forensic recovery, and provides law enforcement diver training. The diversity of our members includes training and certification as water rescue personnel, master divers, emergency medical technicians, firefighters, law enforcement officers, and educators.
  • They offer courses that promote safety on area waters.
  • They conduct training to the general public and to emergency personnel on boating safety and water rescue.

Renovation Status

HRRES lost their former station during Tropical Storm Lee while performing rescue operations. Today, they’re working hard to renovate a former HVAC warehouse to reduce response time and provide a much-needed modern training facility. We’re proud to have raised more than $80,000 in Harrisburg Beer Week’s first three years for Harrisburg River Rescue and Emergency Services. These funds have enabled this all-volunteer group to make a series of necessary improvements to HHRES headquarters.

  • Phase 1: COMPLETED. This included expanding the openings of the garage bays to allow enough space to quickly and safely have emergency vehicles enter and exit. And, the entire emergency vehicle space needed to be reconfigured from the building’s former use as an HVAC company.Before Phase 1 Renovations

    After Phase 1 Completion

  • Phase 2: COMPLETED. This included outfitting of office space, installing ADA compliant bathrooms, refurbishing the floors in the banquet hall and creating a storage space that can be converted into a bunker area so responders can stay on duty during natural disasters.
  • Phase 3: MORE HELP IS NEEDED. This will include additional upgrades to their equipment and facility to allow them to continue to provide services and emergency response for the entire Harrisburg region. You can donate directly to Harrisburg River Rescue via their website, and your continued support of #HBGBeerWeek will help them reach their final goal.

All proceeds from Harrisburg Beer Week generated through sponsorships, merchandise sales and select event ticket sales benefit Harrisburg River Rescue & Emergency Services, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, 100% volunteer organization that provides community-based, high quality, cost effective water rescue and emergency services for the residents of the south-central Pennsylvania region for more than 50 years.