Social Media Resources

Promotion Tips

  • Use social media, traditional media, e-newsletter and your website to share your event info
  • Create a Facebook event page to upload your event
  •  Hang posters in your venue to get the word out
  • Include as much info as possible for your event
    (date, time, place, specific details that let attendees know why they shouldn’t miss your unique event)

Utilize the Harrisburg Beer Week Tags

For Twitter & Instagram: #HBGBeerWeek

For Twitter & Facebook: @HBGBeerWeek

For instance:

“Get your tickets for our @HBGBeerWeek Beer Pairing Dinner on April 24! You won’t want to miss this.”

Official Facebook Event Cover Image

We’ve created this image to use on your HBG Beer Week Facebook event pages.

To Download: Right-click the image below then choose ‘Save Image As’.

HBW Facebook Event IMG 2018